Sunday, 8 November 2015

We Will Remember Them

The real Remembrance Day is on Wednesday but today there were wreath laying ceremonies across the country, in other Commonwealth countries and in a few that were not Commonwealth but where there are War Cemeteries. It was good to see the King of Netherlands, whose great-grandmother took refuge in London during the Second World War, standing besides Her Majesty by the Cenotaph and then laying the second wreath.

All the ceremonies are moving and many of them recall local heroes and organizations as this picture shows:

A memorial in Bristol ot the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets. Today, at the Cenotaph, wreaths were laid in remembrance of the vast contribution to the fighting and the survival of this country in two world wars by those two bodies. They both paid a heavy price and we will always remember their work, their courage and their sacrifice.

Remembering is important but it is not enough. We must look forward. We must work and fight (let's face it, this fight is not as dangerous as the ones the fishing fleets faced during the two wars) to restore a strong and successful fishing industry to this country.


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