Tuesday, 10 November 2015

No, Cameron has not included the CFP

We now have an official list of the topics on which Prime Minister David Cameron intends to negotiate with the EU and its members (let us not forget that treaty changes will be required and those will need unanimous approval).

Open Europe gave its own analysis to Cameron's letter and in it listed the demands:

A “formal, legally-binding and irreversible” end to Britain’s obligation to work towards an ‘ever closer union’ as set out in the Treaty,

Legally binding safeguards to protect the integrity of the single market from Eurozone integration,

A more ambitious push on economic competitiveness consisting of further deepening the single market, cutting red tape and concluding FTAs with other global economies,

An enhanced role for national parliaments including a collective veto right over new legislation,

Four year restriction on new EU migrants’ access to UK benefits and a more general crackdown on abuse of free movement.

No surprises there and, as we suspected, there is no mention of either agriculture or fisheries, despite a near-universal agreement that the CFP has been an economic and ecological disaster.


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