Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Can we discard journalists?

We  have been collecting information and opinions about the so-called fisheries reform and will report on it all very soon. In the meantime, however, we have to express the opinion that there ought to be a way of discarding journalists (and politicians, not to mention NGOs), particularly so harmful to the environment as George Monbiot.

Mr Monbiot or Mr Moonbat, as he  is known affectionately to many of us, has spoken on the subject of discards and fisheries policy, revealing a great deal of ignorance.

If the EU decides to ban fishing boats from discarding the edible fish they catch, it'll land the British government in a spot of bother. It's been using the discards issue as its excuse for justifying overfishing.

Well, of course, that is all fishermen yearn to do: waste their resources while risking life and limb in order to discard half of what they caught.

Mr Moonbat should really learn some facts. Yes, it is true that fisheries scientists are against discards but many of them are also in favour of sustainable and well-planned fishing that can be put into place only if decisions are taken as locally as possible. That means real decisions not ones within the highly centralized and politicized Common Fisheries Policy.


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