Monday, 7 January 2013

Fisheries and democracy

Here is a characteristically outspoken letter by Tom Hay, Honorary Chairman of FAL, published in the December 21 issue of eurofacts.

 Dear Sir, 

 I am fed up with David Cameron. I have read today that he is now saying, we must be at the heart of Europe otherwise it will be disastrous for the UK. What a downright lie. He should ake a look at the British white fish fleet. No aspect of the United Kingdom’s suicidal involvement with the European Union is more flagrant than the downright treachery, and lies which has brought about the deliberate destruction of our white fish fleet. 

What about democracy? Democracy means the people are free, and the free people choose their rulers, and the rulers rule according to the wishes of the people - that is true democracy. Yet the notion exists that democracy means putting your cross down on a piece of paper, after which those elected, become the dictators of those who elected them. 

This it appears is the view taken by David Cameron, since the last thing he wants to know is the will of the British people. Of course it was his Party which took us into this mess in the first place. In 1972 the Conservative Administration took us into what we were deceived into believing was just a “common market”, and agreed in the European Communities Act 1972, to allow EC law now (EU law) to take precedence over British law. 

Surely that must have been very close to, if not altogether an Act of Treason against the state, since the constraints of the British Constitution doesn’t permit any transfer of sovereignty to a foreign power for five minutes, far less for 40 years. 

Furthermore this treacherous action has resulted in the British people being made subordinate political serfs to an alien foreign power, and perpetuates this by insisting that we remain in political servitude to it. The public trust in our politicians and civil servants does not permit them to undermine with utter contempt the constraints of the British Constitution by which they are legally bound. By doing so however, they are making an absolute mockery of all the human sacrifice that went into creating, and defending it in the first place. 

The British people demand that their voice must be heard, and every vestige of sovereignty which has been deceitfully surrendered to Brussels, returned to the British Parliament as speedily as possible. 

We have had enough of it David Cameron’s way! 


All very true but the chances of this government listening are slim.


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