Here is a posting about David Cameron's promises with regards of what will happen after the negotiations this week-end. As our readers can see, the famous referendum lock will not brought into action. Its utter uselessness was predicted at the time of the passing of the European Union Act.

Downing Street is promising, however, that a new Treaty will have to go through Parliament. As the posting says, big deal. All the treaties went through Parliament as they require primary legislation.

Mr Clarke is sounding off, as usual, but he is probably right in his assertions that there will be no renegotiations though his usual placebos about the need to play a positive and constructive role have become tiresome. We know where all that has got us.

So far, there has not been a single mention of the Common Fisheries Policy. But then we do know that Mr Cameron is not in favour of a sensible fisheries policy, as discarding it was his first action as Conservative Party leader.


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